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29.9.2010 Kittens still available
  It seems to be almost incredible to us, but we still have free 4 kittens. They are very cute, very calm and of perfect behaviour.
If you are interested, write me an email or call me directly and we can discuss the conditions and the price. :-)
30.8.2010 Balloo, Brigitte Bree and Chloe!
  These 3 kittens are still available. Suitable kittens for shows are ready to leave our home. We are looking for new families for whom will be our kittens more family members than cats. You will be surprised what a grate character do thay have!
Anything you want to know, just write me an email. :) More photos in higher resolution are ready to be sent.
9.8.2010 Balloo, superb lilac boy is free again!
  Unfortunately, today when Balloo ought to leave our home we were said that his new family won't come due to the allergic reaction on cats of their son.
So, at this moment, our superb lilac boy Balloo is ready to leave our home. He is chipped, fully vaccinated including rabbies and the FIFE transfer document can be issued immediately. As it is obvious, he is intended for breeding and further mating.
Balloo's pedigree can be seen here.
Balloo Flossy Paw*CZ
4.8.2010 Kittens from the litter *B* are 3 months old!
  Amelie's kittens has just finished the 12th month of their age and are allowed to leave our home. And truly, they are going to do that! Chocolate boy Bond will move on Friday do Chomutov (CZ), for the lilac boy Balloo will come his new family from Holland on Monday and the last, but not least lilac boy Bodie will leave us next weekend and will live in Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ).
Still available is lilac girl Brigitte Bree which is very convenient for shows and further breeding.
Kittens from the litter *C* are partly reserved. Especially for the new family from abroad is waiting cute blue girl Chloe. She is convenient for the shows as well. ;)
19.7.2010 How are the kittens doing?
  This weekend our chocolate boy Bond has found his new family. Remaining kittens are still waiting for the new owners.
We would like to highlight especially following kittens:
* Brigitte Bree - very nice light lilac girl which seems to be very successful on shows. We prefer her placement to the cattery for further breeding.
* Balloo - superb lilac boy, excellent in type. It is already obvious he will exceed his father and will be very convenient for mating.
* Chance - nice blue girl with potential to be successful on shows
13.6.2010 We grow fast!
  To our eight chocolate, lilac and blue british kittens is the maternity box too small and they only sleeps there. All kittens from both litters have also decided to share the maternity box together. Also Amelie and Chiqita mix the kittens when gives them suck. :-)
It is already possible to place a reservation on the kitten. More information you can find in the section kittens. vrh B / litter B
17.5.2010 Litter *C* was born today!
  This morning has been bron to our Chiqita and Ábel 4 kittnes. We have 3 blue and one lilac girls. Bith weights were between 99g and 111g and after several hour we found that has significantly increased.
vrh C / litter C
9.5.2010 News about our kittens from the litter *B*!
  As we have already mentioned, we have 2 boys and one girl. Today weighting of kittens showed the results between 201 and 216g. Amelie is really great mother and proudly shows her babies to all visitors, whom are absolutely delighted! And you haven't seen our chick "live" yet? Do not hesitate to call or write an email and to come. :-)
Kittens have already the web page where you can find their pictures and availability.
And what about Chiqita? It is necessary to remind that our second blue cat is going to have her second kittens next week. So, if you are thinking that british shorthair cat must be blue (what is definitely not true), than exactly these colours will have her kittens. vrh B / litter B
4.5.2010 New born kittens!
  Today after the lunch were born 4 beautiful kittens to our Amelie. The birth itself was without any complications and little chicks are well too.
And who came up? We have three boys and one girl. One of the boys is chocolate (bri b) after mummy and the rest are lilac (bri c) after their daddy.
Regarding the weight, they are really small giants. The girl had 104g when she was born and the biggest boy had 127g. Of course that means nothing. But, after some 12 hours they all gained 5-12g each. :-)
Amelie has started to perform her new role of mother immediately and she doesn't move from her kittens neither a millimetre. vrh B / litter B
26.4.2010 Litter *B* already this week!
  There are no doubts that the Amelie's kitten will be born this week. Amelie is doing well, although she has limited her movement and spends lot of time by sleeping. We all hope that her first birth will be without any complications and chocolate/lilac kittens will be born.
Our second cat Chiqita is getting round as well. We are not 100% sure about her pregnancy but we don't want to annoy her by ultrasonic scan. We rather let her to surprise us in 3 week.
12.3.2010 Chiqita on love-making
  Two weeks after Amelie our blue cat Chiqita desired for kittens again. Her groom is handsome blue male cat SC Ábel Velvet Princess*CZ. In case of successful mating, the blue and lilac kittens will be born in middle of May. SC Ábel Velvet Princess
28.2.2010 Amelie on love-making
  Finally, our chocolate Amelie is on her first love-making. Since yesterday evening she is by lilac IC Princ Artuš Ro-Še*CZ. If the mating will be successful we expect chocolate and lilac kittens on the beginning of May.
Amelie Princess Crazy Daisy*CZ & Princ Artuš Ro-Še*CZ
16.2.2010 The days are lengthening out and calling of tom-cats has started
  Several nights when we couldn't sleep has passed. The first who has started to desire for tom-cats was Chiqita, few days later Amelie started as well. Although their calling was sorrowful we let our girls at home without providing them a pleasure. But we expect on the beginning of March our girls full of energy and ready for mating.
The advantage holds Amelie, because she didn't have their kittens yet. We have chosen handsome lilac tom-cat IC Princ Artuš Ro-Še*CZ. For Chiqita we haven't decided yet, but there are two blue boys available.
11.1.2010 First successful show in 2010
  Although out of doors was a snow calamity we drove out to Bratislava along the snow-covered highway. Besides Amelie we also took our blue Chiqita with us. The show exceeded our expectations. Amelie gained her 3rd CAGCIB and Chiqita her first CAC.
And which show will be the next? This is not clear yet because we are planning to have kittens soon.
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