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16.11.2009 Relaxing before new edges
  For the rest of week we still felt our happyness from success which we reached last weekend on show in Žilina with Amelia and Ally. They were both tired as we were after a busy Sunday. but on the contrary of us they couls sleep the whole Monday... Amelia and Chiqita enjoys our house as much as they can. They have free access to all rooms and loves laying on the floor, where is placed a floor heating. We are starting to "stýskat" of kittens, but our girl doesn't "admire" yet.
Chiqita could have kittens on the spring 2010 and the father will be again blue EC stud. We will wonder fot cute blue kittens as we alredy had in the liiter A.
Amálka could have on the spring 2010 as well, but the fathe should be handsome chocolate bicolor stud. The kittens should be in chocolate, lilac, chocolate whita and lilac white colors.
In case you don't want to wait until the next year, we recommend follows catteries:
* CHS British Velvet - offers immediately very nice lilac boy.
* CHS Crazy Daisy - offers for reservation cute chocolate girl, sister of our Amelie
* CHS Air Force Cat - offers kittens in interesteg colours.
09.11.2009 Great success on the show in Žilina!
  This Sunday we went for a long time planned show in Žilina with Amelie. We also took our kitten Ally because there was a special show of british longhair cats. Amelie in the category of interchampions won her first CAGCIB followed by BIV and invited for nomination to BIS.
Ally was on her first show. Mrs. Friškovec liked very much her expression as well as the behavior and sent her in the special BIS for british longhair cats. Ally won the category 3-6 months and bet a lilac boy. Then she competed with other 6 cats, winners of other categories and was chosen as BOB, the best british longhair cat of the show.
8.09.2009 Amelie aims for another CACIB
  Our chocolate Amelie is going to attend an exhibition in Jindřichův Hradec this weekend. She will compete in the category of champions. We hope she will be successfull as in Austria three weeks ago.

We still have 3 kittens available. They are 9 weeks old and are very nice teddy bears. :)
1.09.2009 We have still available 3 kittens!!!
  Our kittens are 8 weeks old and were vaccinated for the first time. They stood calm and quiet. Kitten weights is 1-1.3kg. Find more information in the section Kittens.
17.08.2009 Kittens are already exceeding our bedroom which is becoming them too small.  
  But we do not want them to enter the whole house because they are still too small for this. Kittens are 6 weeks old, Alf weighs over 930 grams, and all were for the second time wormed.
While Chiqita takes care about the kittens, Amálka is heading to Austria for the first CACIB this weekend. So we hope that she will really get one.
09.08.2009 Out kittens „celebrated“ 5 weeks of their live  
  All of them weight over 550g and the tomcat Alf reached 720g. Also, it turned out, the initaily the smallest kitten Ally is long-hair. New photos of kittens are available in „Kittens  
08.08.2009 Our chocolate Amelie is Champion  
Our chocolate Amelie obtained at exhibition in Stříbro 3rd CAC and accomplished the conditions for the title Champion
Today also came to us Mrs. Pozlerová from the cattery British Velvet to see our kittens. She liked them a lot. We thank for her nice visit and for lovely comment on her website.;)
30.7.2009 As you probably know, our first kittens were born on 4.7.     
  All of them are growing quickly and the biggest boy has already exceeded 500g. We will add new photos of kittens soon. Find more information in the section "Kittens"  
28.7.2009 This is a final version of our web pages. :)  
  Many thanks to Mrs. Nikola Arcanidu, who created these for us in extremely short time.